Liposonix® is changing the way people re-shape their bodies. In a treatment session that takes an hour, Liposonix zones in on fat cells using high-intensity ultrasound energy. You’ll experience renewed confidence and look great in that dress size you’ve only ever dreamed of fitting into – all without the need for surgery. There’s only one you – consider Liposonix®.

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Liposonix is for use when there is at least 1.0 cm of subcutaneous adipose tissue beyond the selected focal depth setting of the system in the area to be treated.

Most frequently reported side effects during treatment are discomfort, pain, cold, prickling, tingling, or warmth. The most frequently reported side effects after treatment are pain (discomfort), bruising, redness, and swelling, which are generally described (or rated) as mild.

Treatment is contraindicated for patients who are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant, or have a hernia in the area to be treated.